Monday, August 10, 2009

The Yeast Effect

Yeast. Every think about? It's in everything I like to eat and in some places I don't care for it to be.. Beer, Bread, Diary Products, etc.... Whatever... Today, I spent a major of the day at various doctors offices tring to take care of matters. Derm, General and Allergist. Allergies are a big part of my life. Since I was tout, I've been living with allergies which triggers my asthma. I once sared the living crap out of my mother when I was 11 by turning blue as she was rushing me to the emercency room back in 79'. The once again with Staci in '97. Weird the numbers are turned around? Never thought about that..? Anyway, I had the annual allergy test done which consist of 60 to 90 needles poked in me. The idea is to see if a certain injected allergen causes a reaction. This allergen, along with many other that I inject weekly will hopefully cause me to become ammuned.(spelling?) That's the idea anyway. I think it's impoved my quality of life greatly. Afterward, I went to Dermotogist. A new one for me. Second opinon. He couldn't beleive I've been walking around with this for sooo long and especially since I've seen another Derm for the past 2 years. From there, I rushed over to my General Prat. Dr. Grulkey. A fine doctor. There I dicussed my cycling ambitions for the year, a check up, and other things. It's good to have this done once a year. Which normally
don't do....

On a nother note, tomorrow I'll check on the 429. Better days are a head! Onward!

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