Sunday, August 9, 2009

429 Pivot

429 Pivot has been on my mind for some time. Actually many different mountain bikes have been on my mind, not to mention bikes period this year. I got the hankern again (like some many times) this year after racing the Mas-O-Menos Marthon. There I finished a respecful 30th place at 6hr and some changes. I ran the course with the ol' trusted IbisMojo. Steel hard-tail that is. With the hand job. I purchased this bike back in 97' with the idea of it lasting a long time. I dropped more money on it then any other bike I've ridden. However, the bike has been such a sweet ride over the years. I've upgraded the component twice and shock once. Well now it's time to move on to something different and comfortable. The 429 is a sweet, I'm mean frick'en sweet 29'er, fully suspended ready to burn trails, mountain bike. I've been on the fence for sometime now about a 29'er. I've seen bike trends come and go and this one is here to stay and revolutionary. It's taken me some time to embrace but I'm now invested. I ordered the bike last Thursday(Aug 6, 09) as a birthday gift to myself. It should take a week to arrive. I order the frame and fork from the factory thru Cycle Progession and Bryan Fawley and I are buiding it up. Basically, weight is an issue with this bike and keeping it light and with-in budget(?) is the game. With this in mind, the build is XTR Cranks, Sram twist X9 and X9 derail. The wheels will be kind with DT240 Hubs, Stands No-tubs Rims. WSC Stem and Race Face bars. The Disk brakes are by Hope. This ought to lighten it to 26lbs. I hope. Can't wait to see it.

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  1. Ready to burn trails now that you don't have stitches.