Saturday, August 15, 2009

Saturday Mnt. bike ride

View Larger MapDid a quick three hour ride through the green belt today. Starting from 1st. st. bridge. Did some of the Canon trail off the main trail which is very technical and beat you like bull riding on a hard tail. Therefore, I would like to have the 429 b'out now. Especially before the trip! We'll wait and see. Today on the trail, towards the end, I flatted. Blew a sidewall. (I've been running the Stan's NoTube product. Excellent stuff!). The tires are old and need replacing. So, if I don't get the 429 before Tuesday, I'll have to purchase new tire for the Mojo:( Then I'hv'to spend more money on Stan's. Pricey all the way around. I'm bitch'en again.. Anyway, the ride was excellent. I rode hard. Took a dip in the San Marcos River afterwords. I'm feeling fine. It was the second time I've been on the Mojo since April. I've been doing all road stuff this summer. My upper body strength is lacking, big. Need to start working on it soon. Mountain bike season begins Sept. 5-6. The Colorado trip will be a nice beginning to the season. Holt, my good pal, is thinking about not going because his sciatic never is bothering'em. We'll see.. If he doesn't, Damian, my other good pal, and I will go. But we'll
have to camp. Either way, it'll be nice to be in the mountains. Thinking bout riding River Road tomorrow?

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