Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Thursday Niter

This summer I've added to my normal summer road riding the Thursday Niter. AKA, the Driveway. I've done 7 of the last 10 Thusdays. My best finish was a 5th. Most have been top 10 finishes. I'm very happy with these results so far. So, tomorrow night/tonight I'm going to give it another shot before the Colorado trip. BTW: my 429 is in. I'm still waiting on wheels from Stan's.
Can't wait. Hopefully, it'll be ready before next Tuesday when I leave. Wish me luck! I just got the stitches out of the Knee, so I'm good to g-o. Did the Tuesday Niter last night. I didn't push it too hard. I took it somewhat, easy. I haven't riden too very much for the last 4 weeks. Only 3 rides. Not sure how the body's going to act? I'll try anyway. Here's my claim to fame photo of the summer.

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