Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Ride & Armstrong wins Leadville

Per usual, I wake a little late, around 9. Get out of bed and think, owell. I'll get a later start on a ride. Since I rode yesterday, I was think about 2.5 hr. ride. Take it a little easy and concentrate on spin and form. So, I have my breakfast of blueberries and oatmeal. Lube up and get fluids and calories for the ride. I check the bike make any adjustments needed and check pressure. The front tire was flat? (I just put a new tire on Friday nite). I just air it up to 120 psi check for leaks, I don't hear any so off I go. Today, I changed up the route a little. Working into a Southeast wind 12-15 for the first 15 mile then, another 10 or so into a cross. I went took some back rodes around Comels dump and out to New Braunsfel Airport, to Zorn the back to San Marcos. It was hot, per usual. Black top roads make for a baking effect. I really need am extra 32 oz. of water but I conserverved what I had. Which is not a good thing to do while riding in this heat. But I made up for it when I got home. I ended up pushing a good pace all day. Lots of climbs on this route too. Real nice. Colorado trip on my mind all day. Tuesday evening I leave for Houston to meet the boys. The plan is to get on the road around 3am? We'll see if that happens? The rest of today will be resting and preparing for trip. Armstrong wins Leadville 6:38". That's hauling!

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