Sunday, August 23, 2009

What one will do for a sweet ride.

Just got back from SouthFork, Colorado. Drove into Houston with Holt and Damian, from there home. Dang, what a long drive. We woke b'out 3am, made a pot of coffee and hit the road. Holt took the drive to Greenville, NM. There I drove a couple of hours, then Damian took a long haul at it. Finally ending back home in Tejas. I have a new liking for the Panhandle. We drove through Fort Worth (my original home) then hit I45 to Houston. Glad to be home, sweet home. The Trip, btw, was excellent! It was great to see the Harlan's (Kathy and Jimmy, Holt's parents) They have the best Retirment cabin in Southfork. They welcomed us and we had a wonderful time share old stories of how Holt and I used to raise cane on 3-wheeler back in the day.

I'll write more about it tomorrow, however, the riding was soooooo-frecking-sweet! It was so with the 37 hours of driving to get there and back. Nice to be Home. I missed Staci.

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