Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Change it up..

Decided to take a little rest and change up the schedule. I took off Tuesday nite from the Dirt Derby to gain a little rest and hope for another "good week" in a few weeks. This past week I raced 3 days which has left me a little unsure... I was unable (last week) to ride at my best in all 3 events. Especially in Huntsville. I should (could've, would've) have ridden at least 3 minutes faster overall. But whatchagon'ado? Change it up!

Tonight, I showed up at Cycle Progression for the weekly Wednesday night mountain bike ride with the fellows from Cycle Progression, and no one showed except for Jack. Jack's an older dude in his early 50's that rides like a kid. He has excellent skills and makes a good riding partner. He and I rode moderately and ended up being a excellent ride.

No Thursday night at the Driveway tomorrow for me. I may head to the Gym to change it up there too..

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