Friday, September 4, 2009

Camp Eagle I'm coming...

From SouthFork Colorado 2009

Today I had off work (Friday, Sept 5) which was nice. Got to sleep in and catch up on some well need rest. Dirt Derby Tuesday allowed me some intensity work followed by Wednesday nite Cycle Progression Mountain bike ride. Tomorrow I leaving for Camp Eagle. I plan on camping, riding Saturday two laps easy, then race Sunday. I feel confident and on form for a good start for the season. I've worked hard all summer to get to this point. Now with a new Mnt. bike (429), I hope to be a new man possessed by a new bike. It happens you know.. I'll be sport'en my new team jersey for Cycle Progression and hope to make an impression. Next week, same thing all over, but in Huntsville. I think I'll change it up some with Tuesday nite Dirt Derby, followed by the Thursday Niter Driveway series. It's been a few week since I've done the Driveway. The Plan is to remain on good form without peaking, remain rested, stay healthy and stay out of trouble. Be safe that is... Things happen you know!

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