Saturday, April 17, 2010


Sat. morning. 11am. I just woke-up. That's gross! Sleeping that late. But what else was waking up for? It's pouring cats and dogs. Since my last post, "Back", I haven't blogged. Not'n to say or just pour laziness. Hell, no one reads my crap anyway. Lets see... in the last month. Cycle, work, race some. That's it. Damn, I sound to depressing.

Been nursing a saddle sore. Going on month know. Therefore, i haven't been riding as much as I'd like. I race H-Bar last weekend and it was the hardest race I've every done, I think. That 2-weeks off the bike, I payed dearly for. Anyway, I plan to move forward with some ass-kicking in strut. Next weekend is Glen Rose (Solavaca Cat Claw Classic) I gotz to do well. This mountainbike season is so tough. The guys in my class are soooooo damn good and competitive. It's actually very, ahhh..... amazing that the old men in my class are as good as Cat1 19-39 and Pro.

I need a good dose of "appreciation for everything in my life". I can taste it but can't see it... I think I need to look for that bottle...

So, this spring is soo beautiful. I've never seen so much green in my environment. Trees, weeds, flowers, grasses and my house, that've worked so hard on the past 12 years.

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